Cultural Concept on African Beats Festival 2023

Przemysław Strączek CULTURAL CONCEPT feat. Kandara Diebate will play on August 12 at the next edition of the African Beats Festival in Kawęczyn near Warsaw. This time the group will focus on elements of African music included on the album CULTURAL CONCEPT and the work of the Senegalese instrumentalist and vocalist Kandara Diebate. It is worth noting that on this day there will also be a concert of the Senegalese super group Baobab Orchestra celebrating the 50th anniversary of its activity. Details can be found on the African Beats website

Kandara Diebate – kora, vocal, comp

Przemysław Strączek – gitara, comp

Piotr Narajowski – bass guitar

Piotr Maria Budniak – drums

Edilson Sanchez-Moyano – percussion