Pillars Of Creations – premiere concert with cosmic visualisation

On May 12, the premiere of the concert as part of the JAZZtrzebie Festival 2023 entitled “Pillars of Creation” trio Przemysław Strączek – guitar, compositions, Marcin Kaletka – soprano and tenor saxophones, Patryk Dobosz – drums and Damian Jabłeka – cosmic visualization. The concert with visualization will take place in the post-industrial building of the Institute of Heritage and Dialogue – Łaźnia Moszczenica. Space, vibrations, sonorism, light and breath are the most important features of Przemysław Strączek’s musical project with space visualization entitled “Pillars of Creation”. Music is life, it’s a mystery we want to discover, it’s questions we seek answers to.

The title Pillars of Creation is a Hubble Space Telescope image of elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula in the constellation of the Serpent, approximately 6,500-7,000 light years from Earth. An important musical aspect of the concert is the non-classical set of instruments without the bass.