Przemysław Strączek CULTURAL CONCEPT – New Album in October

In October, the official premiere of Przemysław Strączek’s CULTURAL CONCEPT album will take place with the participation of musicians from Senegal, Taiwan, Colombia and Poland. The music of the collective is composed by a leader who runs intercultural ensembles in accordance with the idea that creative and creative musical activities bring people even from distant corners of the world closer, creating a new quality in music culture and art. Cultural Concept is a recording of a recording session at MAQ Studio in Wojkowice, performed by Maciej Stach, attended by musicians: Kandara Diebate (Senegalese vocalist and kora master) Chiao-Hua Chang (Taiwanese instrumentalist and singer) Edilson Sanchez-Moyano (Colombian instrumentalist ) Marcin Kaletka (Polish jazz saxophonist) Maciej Kitajewski (Polish double bass player and bass guitarist) and Patryk Dobosz (Polish drummer). The mixing and mastering was done by the world-famous sound engineer residing in New York, Katsuhiko Naito, nominated for a Grammy for the album by John Scofield and Al Di Meola. The album will be released at the Voicemusic / Music Corner publishing house. The vinyl version of this album will appear in 2022. The cover art is by Tomasz Kipka.

Promo extract from CD on You Tube