Przemysław Strączek CULTURAL CONCEPT feat. Buba Badjie Kuyateh will perform on Wschód Kultury festival

Przemysław Strączek’s intercontinental band will perform during this year’s edition of the Wschód Kultury – Inny Wymiar/East of Culture – Another Dimention festival in Białystok on August 28th at the Toy Theatre, 2022. The special guest of the concert will be Gambian instrumentalist and vocalist Buba Badjie Kuyateh. In addition to the special guest and leader, the team will include: Chiao-Hua Chang, Edilson Sanchez-Moyano, Maciej Kitajewski and Patryk Dobosz. The musicians will play the program before the premiere of the upcoming album. The premiere of the Cultural Concept album with the participation of musicians from many countries and continents is scheduled for autumn this year.

Photo: Maciej Kanik